пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Honda wants to build a plant in Russia

According to the newspaper ...
Recall rules for industrial assembly, which allowed to import auto components in Russia is practically free of duty, have ceased to operate in 2010. ... vehicles per year with the localization rate of 30 %. The new rules require to produce 300 thousand. vehicles per year and bring the level of localization to 60%. Most automakers are working in Russia is subject to such conditions.
Exception made ​​for Mazda because it was decided to build a factory in the troubled region of Russia - Far East. The decision proved the Director of Special Economic Zone, and project financing of the Ministry of Economy, Dmitry Levchenkov: ...
Where your company is planning to build a Honda, it is not known. Sources of ... cars a year. Meanwhile, Honda does not implement in Russia and 20 thousand. cars a year, and this year its sales in the overall growth of the car market fell by 32% to 5%. The company is associated with spring disasters in Japan, but hope that the situation will improve in 2012.
If Honda will offer to build a factory in the Far East, it will be a compelling reason for the entrance to the old regime of industrial assembly. However, the agreement under the old rules may be signed only by special order of the Prime Minister.

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