четверг, 24 мая 2012 г.

The Italian government received record profits at the auction of WiMax- licenses

The European record was set at an auction for the sale of WiMax- licenses in Italy. A total of 35 licenses were sold totaling 136.3 million. euros ( 205.8 million. USD. ), Which is 176% higher than the starting price, appointed by the government, referring to the Italian Ministry of Communications.
The largest buyer at the auction was the company AriaDSL, the seller of equipment for high-speed wireless access, has paid 47.5 million. euros for WiMax- license for all areas of Italy. In second place was the provider of Wi-Fi- access, AFT, has left 34.4 million at auction. euro. Telecom Italia has acquired a license to operate in southern and central parts of the country of 13.8 million. euro.
To date, 7.5% of the Italian population ( 4.2 million. people) are not able to connect to broadband services. WiMax- auction is the first step to eliminate the ' digital divide '.
Source:. Nag. ru.

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