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OpenOffice.org suite downloaded 300 million times

Screenshot graphics application suite OpenOffice. org.

OpenOffice office suite. org is a major competitor to Microsoft Office, and, unlike the latter, is free. OpenOffice 3. 2 was the first major update of major office suites in 2010.

OpenOffice 3 launch window. 0.

OpenOffice. org 3. 2 is faster to run, to better support the open standard ODF, as well as closed file formats, such as. doc and. docx. In addition, the improved operation of all components of the package.

The new version of OpenOffice. org yet published in 17 languages ​​, including Russian. In the near future to upgrade more than ten language versions. Developers are also reminded that support for OpenOffice 2 was completed in December 2009 and urged to upgrade to new version.

OpenOffice. org.

Type Office Suite.
Developed by Oracle Corporation ( formerly Sun Microsystems).
Written in C, Java.
Cross- OS Software.
version 3. 2. 0 ( 11 February 2010 ).
LGPL license.
Website openoffice. org;.
ru. openoffice. org.

Permanent address.
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