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Switzerland - Prologue

The trip has already started planning for half a year. We - the people for sport, so our main goal is to ride and the ability to see a lot of different places. The graph was drawn tight. Rise early, hang up, too. Although some still managed to combine with a full night vigil skating.

The people had accumulated eight people, a lot of.

At that time, Switzerland has not joined the Schengen area, so the situation with visas was a little tense. Still, we were lucky and the problem resolved itself.

And then there's a crisis broke out, which again is part of the troubled nation. But we survived and our ranks are not thinned out, pardon the tautology.

Apartments found almost immediately. In the village of Fully, adjacent to a major population center Martigny. House for 8 people for 9 days, which is very good, t. to. for the most part, housing rent flat on the week, and we love the unusual moves.

They flew two groups. One in Geneva and one in Zurich. In my group tickets have been purchased from Lufthansa. The company is correct - for the money do not take skis. Fly Helsinki- Geneva- Helsinki ( with a transfer in Frankfurt ).

The machine ordered by. cars-for-less-car-rent. com. (powered by AutoEurope). Chose the Peugeot 307 Estate or Similar. With the price got interesting. When booking online, you had to pay ~ 300EUR - it's full price. However, upon arrival back home, went through another ~ 80EUR for:.

  • Service fee. It is unclear what kind of service, but oh well.

  • Winter equipment. Here everything seems clear, m. to. when booking, it was stated that the winter outfit (apparently, winter tires and chains ) are not included in the price. I wonder if we had not used the chain ( and we still had to ), they took the money in this case or not?.

  • Busing charge. Long thought, what is it. And apparently, that's what. From the airport to park a bus on which, indeed, everything and get there and back. However, it is nowhere stated that for him to be charged a fee. As I recall, we did say - to go on a free bus to the parking lot.

View a map of our plan can be. here. Yellow House - our suites. Icons ' skier ' marked visited resorts. The other icons - resorts where we would like to go, but not this time.

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